Adroverse Takes The GameFi Metaverse and NFTs To The Next Level

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NEW YORK, Feb. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Adroverse, a multi-chain decentralized metaverse where users can socialize, play, and earn, looks to empower players even more in the arena of GameFi and the digital revolution hastened by the current pandemic.

Play-to-earn is now a reality, and the combination of cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, and engaging experience has seen a surge in the blossoming industry, with a growth of over 2,934% in the past year. With the metaverse market valued at US$47.69 billion globally and projected to hit US$828.95 billion in 2028, there is a need for value propositions that stand out, and Adroverse promises to be one of the metaverse-based projects to look out for.

The developers have designed a decentralized crowd economy model with a core MetaFi platform that provides the lifeblood of the entire metaverse economy. Adroverse also features the world’s first functional interactive NFT system that brings non-fungible tokens to life with significantly improved efficiency and a new level of usability.

Under the project, players can look forward to several space-themed experiences, which includes an initial collection of over 10 planets to explore, with different races to pick from that boast different skill sets. Adroverse is also looking to push the boundary when it comes to graphical fidelity in the metaverse GameFi space.

Each hero brings a different set of abilities to the 3D turn-based care game system, which can be further enhanced using items and skills to maximize their potential. Players looking for an engaging experience with strategic depth will feel right at home with Adroverse and its metaverse of heroes.

To further incentivise the community, Adroverse will be investing heavily into the esports scene, with weekly, monthly, and annual events set to take place. Players can battle friends or take part in high-level tournaments and look to emerge victorious with attractive prizes. In addition, the developers will be looking for feedback throughout the project to further improve the game and its development down the line.

By creating a space where users can feel safe and still maintain their potential to enjoy gaming while earning, Adroverse is the next step in building a future of the metaverse that can be experienced today.

About Adroverse

Adroverse is the decentralized metaverse based on multi-chains (BSC, Solana, IPFS, Chainlink) where people can have fun playing blockchain and NFT games, socializing and earning cryptocurrency and NFT assets at the same time. The project guarantees constant renewal and development, dynamically applying the most modern technological and economic management frameworks, providing a stable foundation for decentralized games and apps.

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SOURCE ASIA LION; Adroverse Foundation